Cachupa (Cachupa)


– 500 gr of chopped carrots
– 1 kg of chopped yam
– 1 kg of chopped green banana
– 1 kg of chopped cassava
– 500 gr of chopped savoy cabbage
– 200 gr of chopped mature tomato
– 200 gr of chopped smoked sausage
– 600 gr of chopped smoked pork leg
– 300 gr of chopped chicken breast
– 350 gr of red beans
– 100 gr of dry pea beans
– 500 gr of corn to cachupa
– 2 big cut into pieces onions
– 3 chopped garlic cloves
– 150 dl of olive oil
– 150 dl of white wine
– salt to taste
1- On the day before put the different types of corn and beans in cold water.
2- On the day cook them in a pan. Spice the water with onion, garlic cloves and olive oil. When the corn and beans are already cooked add the savoy cabbage, cassava, banana, yam and carrots and cook all together.
3- Fry the onion, garlic on olive oil. Then add the tomatoes, meats and smoked sausages and fry for a few minutes.
4- Add the white wine, the corns, beans and vegetables already cooked.
5- Spice with salt and fry for 30 minutes on low heat. Serve with slices of smoked sausage.

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