Cachupa de Peixe (Fish Cachupa)


– 750 gr of tuna 
– 750 gr of red emperor 
– 1,5 dl of scarlet runner 
– 0,5 L of corn 
– 2,5 dl of red beans 
– 3 garlic cloves 
– 2 big onions 
– 1 bay leaf 
– 4 cabbage leafs 
– salt to taste 
– chili to taste 
– 100 gr of lard 
– water when necessary 
1- On the day before put the beans and corn in water. 
2- On the day, cook the fishes in water spiced with salt, bay leaf, the smashed garlic cloves and the chopped cabbage. 
3- Fry the chopped onions on lard until golden. Add the cooked corn, beans, cabbage and the splintered fish. Add a bit of the water from cooking the fish. Spice with chili and cook for some minutes until it’s ready to serve.

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