Christmas Menu (Soup, Turkey and Dessert)

Canja de Natal (Christmas Chicken Soup)

Ingredients (2 pax):

– 1 chicken
– 1 carrot
– 1 onion
– 150 g of soup pasta or rice
– olive oil
– mint leaves
– salt

1- Clean the chicken (keep the giblets) and leave it soaking in water for 1 hour.

2- Chop the chicken in pieces and put it in a pan with water, as well as the chopped onion, the salt, the carrot and the chicken giblets. Let it boil for 30-40 min.

3- Chop the carrot in small pieces and add the pasta (or rice), the olive oil and the mint leaves.


Peru Assado com Arroz de Passas (Roast Turkey w/ Raisin Rice)


– 1 turkey
– 1 yellow pepper
– red pepper paste
– 10 garlic cloves
– hot chili sauce
– orange juice
– butter
– olive oil
– 2 onions
– white wine
– boiled rice
– raisins
– salt

1- In a bowl, add the wine, the pepper paste, the chopped garlics (6) , the hot sauce, the orange juice and salt.

2- Brush the turkey with the sauce made in the bowl previuously. In a oven recipient, add the chopped onions, the turkey, the sauce and butter over it. Put in the oven (200ºC).

3- Fry the raw rice in a pan with olive oil and garlics until golden and add the raisins. Stir everything and add the water (double of the rice quantity), in very low heat. The rice is done when there is no water left.


Manjar dos Deuses (Dessert)

The meaning of the name of this dessert is “The Gods’ Food”. You’ll find out why.


– 500 g of sugar
– 125 g of nuts
– 125 g of boiled plain rice
– 12 egg yolks
– lemon scraps

1- Put the sugar in a pan with a glass of water and let it boil for 2 min with the lemon scraps.

2- Remove from the stove and add the crushed nuts, the rice, the yolks and stir. Put again on the stove in medium heat, always stiring. Serve it has the consistency you wish. Feliz Natal para vós e respectivas famílias!


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