Fofos de Arroz (Breaded Shrimps in Rice Balls)


– 200 gr of rice 
– 2 yolks 
– 1 onion 
– shrimps 
– chopped parsley 
– 1 garlic clove 
– 1 bay leaf 
– grated bread 
– salt and chili 
1- Cook the rice with salted water and staunch it. 
2- When it’s cold add the yolks, the chopped parsley, salt and the chopped onion. Mix the ingredients very well. 
3- Cook the shrimps with chili, salt, the garlic clove and the bay leaf. Take off the peel after gets cold. 
4- Make balls with the cooked rice and put in the center of the ball one shrimp. Cover the balls with the yolks, then with grated bread and fry them. Serve with salad of watercress and radish.

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