Frango no Barro (Chicken in the Clay)


– 1 chicken 
– smoked ham 
– 4 tomatoes 
– 8 little onions 
 100 gr of butter 
– 2 tea spoons of mustard 
– 2 smashed garlic cloves 
– 1 little cup of beer 
– 2 little cups of brandy 
– salt and pepper 
1- Prepare the chicken and cut into pieces. Put it on the clay pan with all the ingredients. Cook in the oven, don’t forget to cover the pan. When it is cooked take off the cover until golden. 
2- Serve with golden rice. In a pan fry chopped onion on vegetable oil and on olive oil, add one cup of rice, then add two cups of boiling water and cook until it is ready to serve. 
3- Another good side dish to this chicken recipe is to cook sliced carrots and serve in cups with puree of green vegetables cooked with milk and flour in the middle of the cup.

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