Polvo à Lagareiro (“Lagareiro” Style Octupus)


 – 1,5 kg of octupus 
– 1 onion 
– 2 laurel leafs 
– 6 garlic cloves 
– 1 kg of potatoes 
– 1 bunch of parsley 
– 1/2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar 
– olive oil 
– sea salt 
1- Boil the octupus in a high pressure pan for 15-20 min and join an onion and salt so that the octupus stays soft. 
2- Wash the potatoes without peeling them and put sea salt on top of the potatoes and take them to the oven for 20-30 min (200ºC) 
3- When the octupus is boiled, put it on a clay pot with the crushed garlics, the laurel leafs, the chopped parsley, the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil until the octupus is almost covered. Put everything in the oven for 30 min (200ºC).

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