Pudim de Queijo (Cheese Pudding)


– 80 gr of buttery cheese
– 550 gr of sugar
– 2 dl of water
– 30 gr of margarine
– 15 gr of flour without baking powder
– 15 gr of cornstarch
– 6 eggs
– liquid toffee
1- Cook the sugar and water in a pan until gets thick. Don’t forget to stir continuously or it will get burnt. Take off of the heat and add the margarine mixing for a while until melt.
2- Add the cornstarch, flour, eggs and grated cheese. Mix all the ingredients very well and put the batter in a pudding tin anointed with liquid toffee. Take it to the oven and cook in water bath for 50 minutes. Don’t forget to always check while it’s cooking.

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