Sopa de Abóbora (Pumpkin Soup)


– 2 onions 
– 4 garlics cloves 
– olive oil 
– pumpkin 
– 2 potatoes 
– chick peas 
– 2 l of water 
– fresh chives 
– salt 
– pepper 
1- Finly chop the onions and the gralics and put in pan. Cook with olive oil, until golden. 
2- Add the chopped pumpkin, the chopped potatoes and the chick peas and stir. Let it cook for 2 min. Then add the hot water and cover the pan, but not completely, in low heat. 
3- When it seems to you that the soup has a pleasant consistency, use the blender to get an homogeneous mix. 
4- Add the chopped chives, the salt and pepper. Enjoy.

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