Sopa de Peixe com Hortelã da Ribeira (Fish Soup with Hart’s Pennyroyal Mint)


– 4 fish medallions 
– 4 onions
– 4 garlic cloves
– 5 peeled tomatoes
– 4 potatoes
– 6 sprigs of hart’s pennyroyal mint
– olive oil
– 1 laurel leaf
– water
– bread
– salt

1- In a pan, fry the chopped onions and garlics in the olive oil with the pennyroyal mint, tomatoes and the laurel leaf. Let it fry for 15 min in low heat. Then crush the tomatoes and let it fry for 10 more minutes.
2- Add water and when it starts boiling add the chopped potatoes and, 5 min later, the fish. Let it cook for 15 min, in medium heat.
3- Put the bread in slices in the soup bowls and put the soup over the bread.
Feliz Natal!

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