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Rich Cachupa (Cachupa Rica)





Rich Cachupa is the most well known recipe from the African islands of Cape Verde. Is a mixture of flavors that transport us to warm weather of the islands, it’s impossible not to enjoy this rich dish!



pieces of chicken
pieces of cow meat
1 pig's foot
1 pork blood sausage
1 farinheira (pork sausage w/ flour and spices)
pieces of salted pork fat
a bit of lard
2 onions
3 garlic cloves
1 bay leaf
1 L of water
0,5 kg of corn
0,3 kg of beans
0,3 kg of fava beans
4 leafs of portuguese cabbage
0,3 kg of sweet potato
0,2 kg of pumpkin
0,3 kg of green banana
salt and chili
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On the day before put the beans and the corn into water. On the day, cook them together. Cook the meats and the salted pork fat on another pan. Cook the chopped portuguese cabbage, the pumpkin cut into cubes and the banana cut into large slices in the third pan.
In another pan, fry the chopped onion and the chopped garlic cloves, the bay leaf and the parsley on the lard until the onion gets softer. Then, add the cooked meats without bones and the vegetables. Spice with chili and add the water from cooking the meat and the simple water.
Boil for a few minutes to become tastier and it's ready to eat.